Drs. Greg and Becky Ramboer

Dr. Greg is originally from Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada.  He attended the University of Windsor earning a Bachelor of Human Kinetics with an Honors degree in Applied Kinesiology.  Dr. Becky was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and attended University of Missouri - St. Louis before earning a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology.  Both doctors graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2000 as Doctors of Chiropractic and have been together ever since!  How did we end up in Michigan?  It’s somewhat of a long story, but a very happy one.  We absolutely love it here!  We also have three future Chiropractor-Hockey Players… Brendan, Ryan and Drew! 

We are incredibly passionate about Chiropractic and life.  We love what we do, and we love to teach and share what we’ve learned with others.  Our team is truly devoted to bringing the absolute highest level of excellence to our patients.  Our mission is to lead you to a more rewarding, exceptional health-filled future!

Lifepointe Chiropractic and Wellness Center is the practice of our dreams... it’s caring for our patients for life.  Our emphasis is placed on the people we take care of, not just their symptoms.  Our practice is family based in which we adjust people of all ages - from newborns just a few minutes old to the very wise and experienced members of our community!

We are members of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, the ICA’s Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics, and the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce.  We both have a post-graduate degree as a Certified Wellness Lifestyle Practitioner.  We tend to keep ourselves rather busy, but that’s how we strive to make the greatest impact on our community!



Starleen Jones, LMT

Star is a graduate of Irene's Myomassology Institute.  She specializes in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and European Massage.  A patient of Lifepointe Chiropractic since 2007, Star believes in wellness of mind, body and spirit.



Erik Hornung, LMT

Erik is a graduate of Health Enrichment Center with 5 years of training and over 15 years of experience specializing in therapeutic, deep tissue and sports massage. Erik enjoys the opportunity to help people feel better by lowering pain and stress levels, and increasing range of motion and flexibility.