Testimonials: Immune Function

I had migraine headaches that had me in bed for 1-2 days a week.  After the first visit with Dr. Greg, he made me feel at ease.  I was surprised that it actually felt good to be adjusted!  After 3 weeks, my headaches are virtually gone!  My head has not felt this clear in years! - Deb C.

I had been suffering from headaches, sometimes migraines, for 7 years, and was told that I would have to live with them.  I decided to go see Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky and started treatment immediately.  After my first adjustment, I could already see improvement, and since then have not had ANY headaches!  Now I tell everyone who's willing to listen! - Mary R.

Since starting care at Lifepointe, it is amazing how mucg better I feel in such a short time!  The pain is almost gone, I have less headaches, I can sleep better at night and I feel better! - Diane B.

I was a long term sufferer of migraines.  All the physicians I saw prescribed me with medication and sent me on my way, but the headaches always returned.  I came to Lifepointe with a desperate call for help and an open mind to chiropractic.  I was immediately confident that I was on my way to wellness.  I felt the power behind my adjustments after the first week and committed to the action plan.  My headaches started to get few and far between, and I haven't had a migraine in months!  Every time I walk in the doors of Lifepointe, I witness contageous smiles and joyful hearts ready to serve health!  I encourage you to team up with Lifepointe! - Lindsay G.

Thank you to Lifepointe!  I have not felt this good physically or mentally in years.  I had been having headaches, the kind that makes you not even want to get out of bed.  I have been headache free now for over a month.  My children thank them for giving their mom back, the one who wants to play and have fun! - Pam R.

I have no more headaches and I feel healthy! - Jozlyn C.

I have experienced headaches most all my life.  I had tried pills, vitamins and herbs, but only temporary relief.  Now, I can't believe how much I love all aspects of the care I receive here!  Best of all, my headaches are almost non-existent!  What a difference!  It's great to be part of this family! - Linda M.

Before I started coming to see Dr. Greg and Dr. Becky, I suffered from migraines every day of the week and nothing seemed to work.  Now that I am under chiropractic care, I only get them once or twice a week.  It is so amazing not to be in pain every day of the week! - Jackie S.

I woke with a headache every day for about a year.  One morning it was stronger and lasted longer, so I decided to call Lifepointe.  After about two months of care, my headaches are gone and  I am sleeping much better, waking headache-free! - Gert S.

I suffered from migraines for many years.  I was unable to enjoy life since I was very discouraged and depressed.  No one had been able to give me any answers.  I was skeptical to try chiropractic, but decided to give it a try.  At this point, I still didn't understand how adjustments could benefit me.  Long story short, I experienced my first month migraine-free!  And it just kept getting better!  Skeptic, no more!  I believe in chiropractic to the fullest.  I am now free to enjoy my husband and children instead of hiding in a dark room for days on end.  I am happier and my family is happier!  Lifepointe has changed my life, and trust me, it can change yours too! - Carmen L.

I have tried taking aspirin, Tylenol and Excedrin for my headaches, and just ended up taking more and more.  My medical doctor gave me medication every time I went in.  I decided to try chiropractic because my mom was already a patient here and she thought I should come in.  After only a few adjustments, I was having more energy and less headaches! - Dawn B.

 I had been having headaches for about 2 years.  I took motrin, missed out on family activities and just dealt with the pain.  I was very skeptical of chiropractic, but figured "what do I have to lose?"  WOW!  My life has changed!  I don't have headaches anymore!  I feel so much better! - Tammy G.

I was waking up with headaches every day for three months.  The pain finally pushed me to check out chiropractic.  I had seen 5+ doctors and specialists, and none solved the problem.  I decided on chiropractic because of what I had read and heard about the benefits of natural healing.  Now, I am headache-free!  I have the energy of a 28 year old again!  The best part is waking up every day feeling refreshed and having the energy to be a great wife and a fun mom! - Danielle M.

Lifepointe has helped me continue my chosen career as a dental hygienist.  Before I started care, I had headaches, numbness and pain in my arms and hands.  My back continually felt in knots.  After a few adjustments, I no longer woke up reaching for the tylenol and have been able to return to work full time.  I don't know why I didn't do this years ago! - Jerri K.

I was suffering with recurring sore throats and headaches and decided to come to Lifepointe.  After just a few adjustments, the sore throats started to come less often and after a couple of months of care, were gone! - Sara S.

Since I was a young child I suffered from debilitating chronic migraine headaches about 3 times a week.  At this point, I was willing to try anything.  Within 2-3 weeks of starting care, I noticed that my severe migraines were already less frequent.  It has now been several weeks since I have had to suffer through a headache.  What a remarkable difference in my life! - Jenny G.

My migraines have subsided in frequency and intensity.  I am very glad I finally started chiropractic care! - Rochelle M.

I came to Lifepointe looking for a better chiropractor.  I was having pain and I also had really poor posture.  Chiropractic care has turned me around!  My total health has improved, I no longer have headaches, I sleep better and my posture is 100 times better!  I am an all around happier person! - Melanie H.

I have had poor posture my entire life.  I'm still young, so I haven't felt too many effects of it yet other than tightness and upper back pain.  Dr. Greg explained everything in such a logical way.  It was a breath of fresh air to come to a place that puts so much value on the basics and made me an active part of my care.  Over time, I have had several unexpected changes for the better!  I have fewer headaches, my back pain is gone and I no longer have to take antacids.  Chiropractic is an integral part of a natural, healthy lifestyle! - Brian B.

The reason I consulted Lifepointe was because of my frequent urination problem.  I was getting up 6-7 times a night. Because it was disrupting my sleep, I tried medication but it was unsuccessful.  I knew that the nerves that control my bladder come from my spine, so I called a chiropractor.  After starting at Lifepointe, my evening trips to the bathroom have been reduced to 1 or 2.  On top of that, my headaches are gone and my sciatic pain has improved greatly! - Valerie D.